Network Enabled IoT Solutions

The network is the core of our business. And at ArmIt, our goal is delivering network solutions that empower the Internet of Things. With the right solutions, your enterprise can grow faster and operate more efficiently – simultaneously keeping data safe and secure. Just tell us what you need. We’ll work with you to create the ideal combination of solutions and support to make it happen.

LoRaWAN | The Network of Things

ArmIt LoRaWAN offerings can help bring mass efficiencies and scale to your IoT product or endeavors. The ArmIt Network manages LoRa gateways for industrial, commercial, enterprise and residential installations. Speak with an ArmIt Solutions Team member today.

Remote Temperature Monitoring

ArmIt Remote Temperature Monitoring solutions can serve any required applications. ArmIt offers solutions ranging from its stand-alone cellular temperature monitoring sensor to a city-wide LPWAN installation.

Smart Cities IoT Monitoring and Reporting

ArmIt offers the right Smart Cities IoT solution, today. Monitoring environment, air pollution, transportation, assets, disaster prevention from water, freezing and countless applications.

Cellular IoT Network

Not all solutions are created equal, ArmIt Cellular IoT network provides our customers with an end to end managed cellular IoT solution. End to end ownership allows ArmIt the unique ability tp deliver reliable service, usually only found with the large global players.

Medical Device Monitoring

ArmIt Medical Device Monitoring solutions leverage technology to solve a host of common problems or compliance reporting.

Industrial IoT Monitoring and Reporting

ArmIt IIoT services deliver on the promise of improved operational efficiency and loss mitigation. Whether using ArmIt autonomous endpoint sensors or our EDGE gateway solutions, we have the Industrial Internet of Things solution for you today.



ArmIt Consumer Solutions are designed from the outside in. When creating a device, we focus on the user experience first. We offer consumers simple to use devices that require no complex programming to configure, operate or manage. You don’t need a technical degree with ArmIt.

Professional Service Contractors

ArmIt Professional Service Contractor Solutions focus on delivering technology solutions that consumers need and make your business more profitable and efficient. We have solutions for industrial, marine, HVAC-R, security, electrical, plumbing and smart home contractors.

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ArmIt Entrepreneur Solutions provide an instant platform to deploy your Internet of Things (IoT) device. You design and create and we can provide the network, applications and connectivity to deploy.

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ArmIt Insurance Solutions have been on our dartboard since Day One. While designing products and services insurance company verticals were top of mind. We understand what it takes to be a world-class service provider and have a suite of products that help mitigate loss in residential, industrial, commercial auto and marine applications.

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Manufacturers | Retail

ArmIt Retail-Manufacturer Solutions aim to provide service provider solutions for your IoT devices or legacy connected products. If you make bricks that connect, we can provide wings for them to fly or create recurring revenue services for your solutions. Our paramount criteria: Solving your problem.

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Government | Education

ArmIt Government Solutions: We are building SmartGov solutions that help schools, law enforcement, municipal, state and large government run more efficiently, mitigate loss and avoid catastrophe. We provide off-the-shelf solutions that are instantly deployed and provisioned.

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