ArmIt-Things are a suite of sensors and devices that provide solutions for monitoring or alerting countless applications in the physical world.

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ArmIt NotiFi

ArmIt NotiFi service allows customers event interaction by text, email and\or push notification, directly to Smartphones, tablets or computers. Future enhancements will include Voice Blast and call conferencing for emergency notification.


ArmIt-Signal allows notifications of environmental change from our devices and delivers updates to any IP enabled, control system, building management system (BMS) or alarm panel.

ArmIt Central

ArmIt Central pivots event notifications to our 50-state, UL-Certified central station for traditional 24/7/365 human assisted professional monitoring services. This allows our customers’ added safety and peace of mind that someone is watching when they cannot.

Social NotiFi

ArmIt Social NotiFi users will have the option to give an event ‘social notification’ so a ‘trusted circle of friends’ can respond on your behalf or react to a problem.


ArmIt IoT-Monitoring service will expand continuously as we integrate smart devices or systems through their/our published API (application program interface) or open architecture. ArmIt is already working with home automation providers and control system manufacturers to integrate our devices, network and services.

ArmIt Marine

ArmIt Marine is pioneering simple affordable monitoring services and sensors for The Internet of Marine Things.

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