MAX Series Sensors

Formerly known as ArmIt-Things, the MAX Series Sensors represent an advanced suite of monitoring devices, engineered for diverse applications. These sensors are designed to provide comprehensive monitoring and alerting capabilities, adaptable to a myriad of needs.

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ARMIT NotiFi empowers users with seamless event interactions through text, email, and push notifications. This service ensures that critical information is conveyed instantly and reliably, directly to the user.

ARMIT Signal

With ARMIT Signal, stay updated on environmental changes and system notifications. This service bridges our sophisticated devices with any IP-enabled control system, ensuring timely updates and responses.

ARMIT Central

ARMIT Central is the nexus for event notifications, connecting to our nationwide, UL Certified central station. This platform offers traditional and enhanced monitoring services, available 24/7/365 for unwavering reliability and peace of mind.

ARMIT Social NotiFi

Introducing a social dimension to event notifications, Social NotiFi allows users to share alerts with a trusted circle. This feature enables a community-based response system, where friends can assist or react to situations as needed.

ARMIT Monitoring

ARMIT Monitoring service is at the forefront of smart device integration, evolving continuously to embrace new technologies. ARMIT collaborates with leading home automation and control system manufacturers, ensuring seamless connectivity and expanded capabilities.

ARMIT Marine

The ARMIT Marine EARTHSMART MARITIME NETWORK is revolutionizing maritime monitoring with affordable, cutting-edge sensors and services. This initiative extends the Digital Transformation to the marine domain, offering unparalleled solutions for maritime applications.

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