Local-to-global IoT solutions backed by end-to-end reliability and security. We’re powering the network that delivers the connectivity, data and management for any ‘thing’ connected. For customers worldwide, our team and corporate culture are driven by your success. ArmIt. The Network of Things™

Empowering a Connected World: ARMIT

At ARMIT, we've transcended traditional IoT solutions to architect—a groundbreaking connectivity ecosystem that redefines interaction with the digital and physical world. Our mission is to weave a fabric of secure, private, and intelligent networks that not only empower enterprises but also preserve the sanctity of data sovereignty.

Advanced Environmental Monitoring

Harness the power of ARMIT's system to monitor critical environmental parameters, ensuring safety, compliance, and operational excellence across diverse applications, from individual assets to city-wide networks.

Healthcare Device Connectivity

Elevate patient care and compliance with ARMIT's integrated solutions, designed to enhance the reliability and efficiency of medical device monitoring in healthcare settings.

The EarthSmart Network Ecosystem

Experience unparalleled efficiency and scalability for your IoT projects with Jove's robust network, supporting a wide range of applications from residential to industrial, powered by our private network.

Comprehensive Connectivity

With ARMIT's end-to-end managed solutions, enjoy superior service quality and reliability, typically reserved for major global players, through our exclusive private EarthSmart Network.

Smart Urban Infrastructure

Drive smart city evolution with ARMIT's solutions, adept at monitoring environmental conditions, traffic, public assets, and more, fostering sustainable, safe urban environments.

Industrial IoT Excellence

Leverage ARMIT's expertise in IIoT to boost operational efficiency and mitigate risks, with advanced sensor technologies and EDGE solutions tailored for the industrial sector.

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